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Hemp has been rediscovered. Without the psychoactive constituent THC, hemp has so many positive properties that it has been called the new superfood.
Everyone can experience how hemp infusions and hemp infusion blends work, how they help us and what they taste like. Also, what it is necessary to take into account when buying it and the errors that it is necessary to avoid during its preparation...

Hemp was used 5000 years ago - now it has been rediscovered

Hemp has always been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) against a variety of ailments. The medicine is increasingly recognising its potential. As a result, hemp is used more and more often and is prescribed by doctors. Hemp products (without THC) are legal, freely accessible and sold in pharmacies, speciality shops and online shops. Hemp infusion is drunk more and more frequently, because hemp infusion and/or hemp infusion blends help against the diseases of today's civilisation: stress, restlessness, sleep problems and digestive problems.

Hemp infusion and special blends of hemp infusion

  • have a relaxing and calming effect
  • favours a relaxed sleep and makes sleeping easier
  • strengthen the immune system
  • improve the digestion and open the appetite
  • promote a better mood and positive thoughts
  • and some hemp infusion have a relaxing and stimulating effect!

Relax and find peace through hemp tea

Hemp soothes the human nervous system and helps to cope with stress and tension. In addition, hemp infusions can brighten the mood of people who tend to have negative thoughts or suffer from anxiety. Ruminant and obsessive thoughts are trivialised but they can paralyse you. For this reason hemp is called, recommended and prescribed by some doctors as a natural antidepressant. 

The hemp infusion as an aid to fall asleep

Relaxation and peace promote a natural sleep. Hemp makes it easier to fall asleep and have a long, continuous sleep. Hemp infusion has decisive advantages over alcohol: there is no hangover, no dizziness and other side effects. After a hemp infusion you fall asleep faster, go deeper and wake up rested and fresh. Reinforced in this way, anyone can face problems better. This in turn leads to better sleep, more rest and greater self-confidence.

Hemp infusion for the immune system and self-healing powers

Hemp is also known for stimulating the natural defensive and self-healing powers of the human body. This is one reason why hemp products like hemp infusion are prescribed and recommended after an illness and operations. And still another positive effect: Hemp promotes the appetite. For these reasons the medicine uses more and more often hemp as a natural remedy.

Hemp infusion strengthens digestion

A functioning digestion and a healthy stomach and intestines are important simply because the nutrients for the whole body and the brain are prepared and metabolized in the intestines. Hemp infusions and special hemp tea mixtures stimulate the stomach and at the same time have a relaxing effect. A relaxed stomach does not 'digest itself' and is the best natural prevention against nausea.

With hemp infusion the thoughts become brighter

Even a cup of hemp infusion usually already relaxes. Relaxation is good. The thought carousel slows down. Other thoughts come along and with it also another, new point of view. With it no problem is solved yet, but sometimes a new approach is found.

Tension or relaxation? Depending on hemp infusion mixture

As versatile as hemp is, so flexible can hemp be combined. Combinations with traditional teas are just as possible as with numerous herbs. With its certain finesse, hemp rounds off the aroma and adds volume to the tea mixture. 
When combined with mate, hemp can loosen up and be stimulating. In combination with chamomile it can be relaxing, calming and a pleasant, tasty sleeping drink.

HEMP Information

Useful, edible hemp, grown for fibre or also called agricultural hemp, may only contain a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content of not more than 0,2 %. This completely excludes the possibility that useful hemp may have an intoxicating effect - even if one were to drink vast quantities of hemp tea.

The cultivation in many European countries is absolutely legal and legally compliant. The farms are specially registered for hemp cultivation and are regularly inspected. Here every hemp infusion connoisseur is on the safe side.

Organic certification.

High qualitative and ecological standards apply in the EU states. When buying hemp infusions, it is essential to pay attention to the organic certification of the hemp infusions or the hemp infusions mixture. Only then can the buyer and connoisseur be sure that he really purchases pure organic hemp.

In the case of products that are not planted or produced in Europe or are not certified organic, it is possible that there is a considerable health risk due to contaminated soil or improper fertilisation, spraying agents, pesticides or various additives, etc. Such a risk must of course be rejected from the outset.

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